Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I Look Forward To About Having a Son

For the past 9 years, I've only had daughters and being a woman, I really love raising them especially when they were still younger. I did everything moms dream of doing if and when they have their own daughters someday. I dressed them in really frilly, girly dresses. I let their hair grow long and experimented with all sorts of different hair styles. We played with dolls, and pretend make-up, manicures and pedicures. We had tea parties. We pretended to be princesses in far away lands. They loved the Disney Princesses and they wore the costumes numerous times over the past few years. They liked Dora, the Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie. It was like living my own childhood all over again. It was a blast!

However, it's really no secret to everyone I know that I also wanted to experience having a son. Most of my friends, and even my brother, only have sons and they have all expressed their desire to have daughters for a change. They always say that I'm lucky to have daughters because sons are more rambunctious and difficult to raise. They admire my daughters for being the prim and proper girls that they are, who were always just content to sit and play by themselves while the other kids were being rowdy. I admit, I am lucky to have my girls but I still want a son. So just imagine how elated I was when I found out I was pregnant with one.  There's so much I want to experience with Ziggy. I know that raising him will be different but that makes it all the more exciting. Here is a list of things I look forward to about raising my baby boy:
  1. Having fun getting dirty (without him saying "ewww, yucky!" all the time)
  2. Running around (I'm sure it will be a great work out for me.)
  3. Playing with cars, planes, motorcycles and trains (for a change!)
  4. Having that bond only mothers and their sons have
  5. Decorating a boy-themed room
  6. Buying boy clothes (which I imagine will be a lot easier!)
  7. Getting to know the cartoon characters for boys ( I don't know much about this right now)
  8. Having him circumcised (weird but it's a milestone for boys, right?)
  9. Helping him practice for a game (assuming he'll be into sports)
  10. Buying boy-themed costumes
  11. Watching him bond with his Dad
  12. Watching him bond with his sisters
  13. Getting him his first haircut (my girls had their first at age 1 then after that they rarely have haircuts because they always want their hair long)
  14. Hearing about his first crush (which I expect will break my heart but I guess, that's normal)
All these things (and more!) I want to experience with Ziggy and I can hardly wait! 


Cindy0462 said...

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Ashley said...

Boys are super fun! I love your list, mine still says ewww, yucky though :) Just a thought, research the circumcision thing, and decide why you would/would not do it. It's kind of turned into this "thing" we do in our society, but more and more moms are saying no. Just my opinion, I'm certainly NOT judging your choice in any way! :) Also, are you going to cloth diaper? I LOVE it! I'm so excited for you and you're new little bundle. I can't wait for my next one (TTC!).

Found you on Mingle Monday! I'm following you on GFC and would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! :) I've got fun giveaways right now and LOTS more coming! I hope you check it out :)



Janice said...

Hey Cindy. Thanks for following me. Will definitely enter your give-away contest. :D

Janice said...

Hey Ashley. I'm now following you. Thanks for the comment. Will certainly do some more research. It's just that in our country's culture, circumcision is something that a boy has to have. I don't think my Hubby will agree to his son not having one. But it's definitely something we should talk about more. Will keep in touch with you and I'll definitely try your give-aways. :D Thanks!

MELANIE said...

Hi visiting over from the Blog Hop. Congrats on your baby boy! Im the mom of 5....4 girls and 1 boy. My son wants us to try once more for a boy. But I think we are good with 5. Im your newest follower..and hope you will come follow me on my blogs ( i have 2. lol)

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